About us

As part of the promotion of Tunisian exports, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tunis (CCIT) launched its marketplace called Tunisia Trading. This B2B platform is funded in part by  US donation to promote the exchange of information (international tenders, partnership announcements, events etc.), sharing experience and economic and business intelligence.
Sheltered by CCIT, our platform benefits from the 130 – year existence of the CCIT to provide member companies with personalized services having high added value.
Tunisia Trading is an online business network aiming to assist Tunisian companies in improving their visibility, enhancing their competitiveness and expanding their exports.

In order to offer a comprehensive service, our platform offers 6 modules within reach any time.
These modules facilitate  exchange between stakeholders and make transactions easier:

A market place :

« A new space of virtual trade »

Networking :

« A professional business network »

Opportunities :

« Jump at golden opportunities»

Business management tools :

« When you adopt a trend, it is already too late »

Communication tools :

« It is all about connection »

Financial area :

« Financial support as development and growth tool »

About our services

Tunisia Trading allows you to establish a permanent and personalized contact with Tunisian economic actors and the Francophone African economic community present on the platform: support organizations, exporters, craftsmen, professionals, etc.

Tunisia Trading provides a corporate video-conferencing tool bringing together around the same table business leaders, executives and managers from all over the world.

Through Tunisia Trading platform, expand your business network and build-up a winner-winner partnership, make your sector base of contacts worldwide.

Thanks to a strategic monitoring system integrated in the platform Trading Tunisia, you have a competitive, technological, economic and legal support. Therefore, you are able to build-up a relevant document database, reliable and updated, on the international economy and market trends.

Our platform offers privileged advertising spaces for optimal visibility and multi-media: image, audio, video.

Through Trading Tunisia, you have enough room in a virtual exhibition park: a detailed description of your offers and services.

Access to financial information: banking, insurance and leasing, will provide  you swiftly land easily with all the national and international data for controlling your development.

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